Thursday, November 7, 2013

Attention to Detail

Details, Details. I love them! Afterall, it's the little things....

...that can eat up my whole day...that can paralyze me. Ok, wait, I hate them.

No, wait! I do kinda love them...




...and now I'm not writing, just arguing with myself. Have I made my point?

In the past couple of years, I have dropped in and mostly out of the blog-o-sphere for a couple of reasons, but one of the big reasons is "details". Nester calls them lovely limitations.

This photo is a great example. My sons and hubby chopped a lot of wood this year. This will be our first winter using the fireplace (but that's another story). So when the fire started crackling, I ran to get the camera and capture it. It was cozy and warm and we loved every minute of it.


I saw the pictures on my computer...and the "details" jumped out at me... and then I was all..."Hey, Honey, can you like, light another fire so I can take pictures again because I forgot to pull that Halloween zombie-garb swag out of the way and it's messing up my ambience."

"Oh and I need you to take those brass thing's out real quick where I ripped out the fireplace door last year, m'Kay?"

I'm pretty sure he just closed his eyes and walked away. (Possibly making some hand gestures as if he were swatting flies...)

Or he just said "no"...I can't remember which.


Anyway, I let that detail get in my way. I saw the imperfections of the picture instead of the warm, cozy fire and my butt-kicking brick job. 

It's what I do.

And it's a part of what has stopped me from posting picture after picture... It's true, I'll admit it. I muchly prefer perfection. Muchly. 

And maybe now that I'm going to be old longer celebrating a new century, but just old...I could stop doing this and just enjoy the fire.

...or I could try bribing him with cookies...

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Baby Sister said...

Oh yes, I am so the same. I don't share a lot of things because they're not perfect in my eyes...and sometimes those details get annoying.